Warning: I’m Celebrating Jill Strong. Because, Jill Strong.

Halifax Clothing-52***Full disclosure: This post is by Jill’s husband***

This week Wildflower Clothing celebrates 16 years in business. Still, no matter how many times I tell Jill how incredible that is, it falls on deaf ears.  So I’m just going to leave this here:

The strength, perseverance, commitment and fortitude to achieve this milestone is nothing short of awesome.  Every day and most nights. Every weekend and all year long. For sixteen years and counting.

I’ve been fortunate to be part of the journey for the last eight years or so. And our boys are fortunate to grow up with a role model who embodies work ethic, ambition, grace under pressure yet always makes the time to be simply ‘mom’. All the while, ‘this little shop’ (this is how Jill refers to it) continues to welcome old friends and new visitors alike with fresh finds, but above all, a familial ease that has been crafted for years.

So today, I appreciate Wildflower, but I celebrate Jill.

(Forgive me babe!)

3 thoughts on “Warning: I’m Celebrating Jill Strong. Because, Jill Strong.

  1. Congratulations on 16 years Jill. And for being a strong, beautiful, graceful and always funny woman, mother, friend and human being. Well done 🙂

  2. What a gal!!!! Super kind, funny and incredibly successful. An amazing working mom – don’t know how she does it! Love you Dew xxxx

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