It’s our turn to shop…for you!

After a great 3 day sale celebrating 4 day work weeks, we packed our bags to head to Toronto to scour a couple of accessory and gift shows and hunt down some gems for you!

As always, we are shopping with Wildflower customers top of mind and not only by ‘what’s the trend this season’. If it doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t suit Wildflower!

As Jill seems to get more energized as the shopping days roll by, the same can’t be said for her young sidekick. While he is a charming addition to the shopping trips, Oscar also needs his beauty sleep!

Jill and Oscar, the intrepid duo, will wrap up the shows today and then head into 3 packed days of clothing appointments.

After a brief break this Spring to bring Oscar into the world, Jill’s right back at it – curating the best of existing brands and continuing Wildflower’s tradition of introducing new brands to Halifax.

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