Getting together for what matters most – our friends and community

Usually our posts are related to what we have in store and/or upcoming events etc., however this one is about something greater than products and fashion, it’s about friends and community.

This past weekend we participated in, and were part of one of the most heartwarming displays of community caring we’ve ever witnessed. As some of you might know, my husband and I have enjoyed the music and people at Bearly’s for several years…particularly (and until recently) on Sunday afternoons when our friends Brenda Stone and Roger Howse (StoneHowse) play there. Over those years, we’ve become friends with many of the staff – and one in particular: Dan Falvey.

Dan has been a waiter in Halifax for many years in addition to being a teacher’s aid for kids in need. This in addition to being a devoted husband and father of two. Recently Dan was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and is now resting at home and receiving treatment.

On June 3rd, the good folks at Bearly’s hosted a benefit for Dan and his family to help out. It was a full day of live music with live auction throughout. We were pleased to see standing room only upon arrival at 2:00pm and even more pleased to see that the crowds did not let up all night…and neither did the awesome tunes and positive community spirit that filled the place!

We were honoured to be able to provide a gift certificate for auction and have my husband play some tunes with StoneHowse. But most of all – we were blown away by the groundswell of positive vibes for Dan and his family. The day was a HUGE success – raising almost $25,000 for good people in need.

If you would like to contribute or send best wishes, please contact Bearly’s (1269 Barrington Street Halifax, NS B3J 1Y2, (902) 423-2526)) or visit the Facebook page.

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