Loving the love! Thanks to Yellowee and contributor Suzette for the sweet review!

Let’s face it – most companies spend a lot of time and energy writing about themselves, and why not? It’s all part of the marketing game. However, it’s so great to read honest, unsolicited reviews from everyday consumers and it reminds us why we do what we do!

A recent review about Wildflower appeared on Yellowee – a local review site established by the good folks at GenieKnows.com. The review was posted on April 26, 2012 by contributor Suzette and we are eternally grateful for her kind words. More than that, we are grateful for all those who take the time to spread the word about all the great local independent businesses in Halifax. Here’s the post or you can click here to see the review on Yellowee.

2012-04-26 14:28:07
5 stars

If you are looking for some help making the transition to your spring wardrobe, this gem of a boutique should be your first stop. They have an amazing selection of unique pieces which are easy to wear, comfortable, and always stylish. Jill, the shop owner, has a flair for choosing items that at first glance you would never try for yourself, but once on prove to be among the most flattering garmets in you closet! Along with apparel, they also carry a delightful array of colorful scarves, jewelry, and handbags that compliment any outfit. I find it challenging to leave empty handed, but am always tickled pink with my choice. Love it!

Thanks Suzette!!

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